Hedge funds

Hedge funds in Israel are partnerships that are incorporated for the purpose of sophisticated investments.

Hedge funds are not suitable for every investor since the risk levels in some of the funds are relatively high.

Unlike managed portfolios in hedge funds the money of the investors (partners) is in a joint account, and the fund manager manages the money for all the investors together.

Hedge funds have different strategies, while their purpose is to achieve a high return over time.

ZINYUK Bond fund – A limited partnership that specializes in investing in the local bond market, using hedging strategies and leveraging the fund’s assets in order to achieve an excess return over the general bond indices. The fund’s assets were carefully selected after conducting research and comprehensive analysis. The fund was established in early 2017.

ZINYUK Global fund – A limited partnership that invests in the world and in Israel’s stock markets, using day trading strategies and statistical arbitrage. The fund was established in 2008.