IRA Account

Personal Management IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a financial product, which allows you to have full control over the management of your pension funds and Keren Hishtalmut. Priority manages for its clients their Keren Hishtalmut (in collaboration with Meitav Dash) under personal management while helping them meet their goals and needs with full transparency.

This product is for clients who want full control over their pension savings with a personalized portfolio.

IRA portfolios can be managed in the following cases:

• Amendment 190 funds – both in a direct deposit to a fund under personal management and in a transfer from a fund that has undergone Amendment 190 in a regular investment route. At the time of opening the fund under this category, it must be proven Receiving an old-age pension in the amount of the minimum pension (4,498 gross as of 2021), or that he has accumulated an annuity for an amount of not less than NIS 1,343 million.

•  Keren Hishtalmut – starting with a balance of NIS 200,000.

•  Liquid benefit funds that deposited until 31.12.2005 in a member’s provident fund in a self employed status and at least 15 years have passed from the date of the first deposit to the fund.

• Funds deposited until 31.12.2007 in self employed of employee funds, and over the age of 60.

• Beneficiaries money- transferring directly from a deceased fund or from a fund in the name of the beneficiary.

•  Compensation funds that has undergone tax settlement.