Tsuah Kahalacha

Priority Investment House is honored to announce its cooperation with “Tsuah Kahalachah” – the Rabbinical Committee for Savings and Pensions.

The purpose of the cooperation is to remove the halakhic barriers that have been in investing in the stock market:

  • Ribit – Israeli owned companies that do not hold a “Heter Iskah”, anyone who receives profits from them violates the prohibition of Ribit from the Torah.
  • keeping Shabbat – Substantial investments in non-Shabbat-keeping companies, aids in the desecration of Shabbat.
  • Passover – Israeli companies traded on the stock exchange that do not sell the Chametz in their possession, as a result, the holder of the company’s shares owns Chametz on Passover.

Since March 2019, Priority Investment House is an investment house with a kosher certificate, approved to manage kosher investment portfolios, under the supervision of the Kashrut committee.

kosher portfolios at Priority are invested in investment tracks developed to enable Torah observant Jews to enjoy rates of return similar to portfolios in the general tracks.